Below is a table showing the various cleaning charges we have in place should you wish to return your order back dirty

Cleaning Code Cleaning Description Cleaning Cost
(Excl. VAT)
NONENo Cleaning Charges£0.00
LIN1Linen Cleaning£0.00
GLA1Glassware Cleaning£0.12
CRO1Crockery Cleaning£0.12
CUT1Cutlery Cleaning Charge£0.12
MIS1Miscellaneous Cleaning£0.24
STA1Stainless Steel Cleaning£0.24
CRO2Crockery Sundries Cleaning£0.29
GLA2Glassware Sundries Cleaning£0.29
OPT1Optic Measure Cleaning£0.47
CAF18 Cup Cafetiere Cleaning£0.59
CAF212 Cup Cafetiere Cleaning£0.76
STA2Gastronorm Inserts Cleaning£2.11
HOL1Holloware Cleaning£2.35
SOU1Soup Kettle Cleaning£4.71
BBQ2Cinders 3ft Griddle Cleaning£11.77
BBQ3Buffallo BBQ Cleaning£16.48
FRY1Single Fryer Cleaning£17.66
BBQ4Gas Griddle Cleaning£17.66
EQI1Small Equipment Cleaning£17.66
BBQ1Cinders 6ft Barbeque Cleaning£20.01
COO2Four Burner Cooker Cleaning£23.54
EQI2Medium Equipment Cleaning£23.54
EQI3Large Equipment Cleaning£29.43
COO1Six Burner Cooker Cleaning£29.43
FRY2Double Fryer Cleaning£35.32

Please note:

  • We will only clean our own equipment
  • 95% of our customers return items back dirty
  • Please scrape the plates to get rid of excess food